Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dell PowerEdge Rack server?

The new variation of the Dell PowerEdge Rack server is a highly upgraded version of the previous Dell Racks infrastructure. All the things that you loved about the old Dell Racks hardware, here you will get to explore improved versions of the Dell Racks server. The newer model includes a better installation of the software, boosting the speed of the installation, improvement in the security technologies, all the while managing the power management sufficiently. The newer model can hold up to 2,000 pounds of rack-mountable servers and peripherals. The reduction of overall height on the Dell PowerEdge rack server will make the server able to fit through standard doors and handle the advanced cloud applications.

Dell has been rolling out a stable stream of energy-efficient servers. These contain a new blade, several towers, and a handful of rack models. All were dual-core Intel models until the company introduced two AMD models with much fanfare.

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